Creative Coaching for Individuals and Groups


Tonya is skillful at helping people connect with and break through blockages in their creative expression, whether it is in writing or fine arts.  She works best with individuals and groups who are passionately committed to their creative life. Tonya has helped a variety of burgeoning and experienced writers and artists in various stages of their process to convey their creativity and strengthen their process down the road to public presentation.

Session Length: Hourly, weekly and 1-6 month extended programs, virtual and in-person. Ask about special offers to have Tonya give feedback on the first five pages of your manuscript at a reduced rate.

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Here is a sample of some client feedback:

Petra Groen

Sculptor, installation artist

Petra, a native of Amsterdam, works with every medium from metals to nylon and explores themes of irony, the human body, play and the post-primal expressions of joy. Her art has appeared around the world in installments and in interactive permanent public displays as well as in large scale commission work. Petra also is an alumna of over fifty artist residencies and visiting artist programs around the world. She directs the first-year Fine Arts program at The Aki, (art academy) in Enschede, The Netherlands.

Petra Says:

“Working with Tonya has helped me to articulate my artistic ideas from a new perspective. She helped me to view my art differently and write about not just what my art meant to me, but what it meant universally to others. Our sessions (often virtual since I live in Holland) were focused and extremely productive in a way I never experienced before. I will seek out Tonya’s services for future projects!”


Pamela Lessero

Pam is a NYC artist and designer.  She wrote her picture book to answer her own childhood questions about the veggies that were left on her plate.

Pam Says:

“Wanting to share my love for vegetables and eating healthy with children, I created pammy pea. Along the way I received invaluable support and suggestions from Tonya.  I found her input very inspirational.  In 2013 after years of hard work writing, designing, and illustrating, I self published pammy pea’s story.  Tonya’s patience and skill helped me to really trust and honor my personal artistic vision.  Thank you Tonya!”

Tonya has worked with burgeoning and experienced writers and artists in order to hone and re-envision their craft.  She also helps participants get in touch with their inner muse and the creative process down the road to public presentation.